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Skyline Residence
Private Residence
Los Angeles, California
3,300 sq ft new residence located on a steep Los Angeles hillside site.

The Skyline Residence is a dramatic cascading three story and basement hillside residence located within the Mulholland Scenic Corridor and Parkway of the Santa Monica Mountains. The upper street level contains an immediate entrance opening view to the Hollywood Hills, while a glass faced garage and guest bedroom embraces the same stellar views. The master and guest bedroom floor below embody the Southern California style of living through the use of full height sliding glass doors and accessible decks. The main floor level contains a generous great room with kitchen, dining, and an entertainment space and a secondary den which all fully open to the deck and pool beyond. The pool vividly overflows into the basement level below which houses interior and exterior spaces for relaxation and recreation. The selective use of natural materials within a fluctuating facade seamlessly integrates the residence into the hillside.

Associate Design Director: Bowery Design + Development
Images: Bowery Design + Development